Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brainstorming, Vocabulary and Place Value...Oh, My!

I can't wait for things to settle down in my classroom.   Every day I put my camera on my plan book so I will remember to take pictures and somehow it gets moved and I forget!!!!!  Has anyone else had that same problem????

Here is a project that my husband helped me on.  He spray painted a large coffee can with flat black paint.  He sanded it a little before spraying.  I guess Target had the squishy lightbulbs over the summer in their dollar section, but when I went I only found two left.  I ordered them on-line, the link is below.  I plan on using the lightbulbs during our brainstorming for writing workshop.  

Light Bulb Stress Toy - Yellow
Lightbulb Stress Toy
There's No Place Like Second Grade Freebie

Over the summer, I decided that my word wall would be dedicated to Greek and Latin Roots.  I purchased a set on TPT.  In the beginning of September, Teaching in Room 6 had a great post about "Getting in those Root Words."  I would have purchased her set but I had already bought one.  She posted about using black felt on her boards.  I loved her idea!!!  I bought my fabric on sale at Joanne's and used binder clips to attach it to the front of my cabinets.

Teaching in Room 6
Here are photos of my wall.  I purchased my words on TPT from Creative Classroom A-Z.  I printed them out smaller.  I used velcro on the backs, the felt didn't hold.
Roots and Stems - Word Wall of Common Roots, Prefixes, and
Creative Classroom A-Z 

My last share is the place value cups from Pinterest.  The kids love them.  They took longer than I thought and buy extra cups!!!!  My fourth graders found them a little challenging.  Make sure to space between numbers...have them use a pinky.  We have been using them for place value, standard and expanded forms, adding to specific place and rounding.


  1. I wondered how those place value worked in real life! I saw them on Pinterest over the summer, but everything looks great on Pinterest! I didn't know if it would be something practical/useful in the classroom.

  2. I like your root word wall. That is a great visual!

    Teaching Fourth

  3. I have the same problem with the camera. I always forget, like this past week. I have no pictures to post! Ahhh! Anyway, I always love reading your blog to see what's on your agenda for you 4th graders. This week we are reviewing all Elements of Fiction, Map Skills and Verb Tenses. Have a great Week!