Saturday, September 1, 2012

Help...I Need a Secretary!

One of the things that I dislike about teaching is managing the paper work.  Back to School time is the worst.  It is tough trying to manage who brought in slips, who is missing what form, what language should I send home, etc.  During the year, there is a continuous flow of permission slips, notes from parents, dismissal procedures, etc. that continue to come in.

I have used a method  for many, many years to help make it easier.  I have created a "Communication and Form Binder."  You need to get one pocket folder for every two students that you have.  Use a three hole punch and put in a three ring binder.  Number or label each pocket for a student.  I use a number system.  I could make it "Cute" but it serves its purpose...look how faded out the folders are!

As slips come in, I check them off and then place them in the right pockets.  I also save any important notices from parents and absence notes.  I am starting a communication log that I will keep in the front for any conversations about a student in person or on the phone that I might want to document.

 I also got a new idea from Ginger Snaps about sending home papers that need to be signed and returned in a special manila envelope.  I used her idea for our Open Door Day and it helped.  I typed up a sheet with specific directions for each form.  You can't miss it on the neon paper.  After two days, I am only missing three students' paperwork.

I hope this will help you.  I spent the day getting myself organized and now I am all set until next week!


  1. Great idea! I love when things are functional--sometimes the cuteness takes away from the purpose!

  2. I need a secretary as well. I am overwhlem with so much paperwork. But, I love your idea!!

  3. Love the binder idea with the folders - this will really help with notes from home, etc.

    Organization is not my strong point and sometimes the paper gets to be so daunting! Love your ideas.