Thursday, September 13, 2012

Daily Five Begins

So far in Daily Five I have introduced Read to Self, Read to Someone and Listen to Reading.  Things are going quickly because my fourth graders all had some form of Daily Five in Third Grade.  I have only been able to get in two fifteen minute rounds this week because other things in my schedule are taking longer.  I am sure that they could read longer.  Check out my older posts about Daily 5 for more information.

I have added a few skills to the CAFE: picking just right books, asking questions and visualizing pictures.

My next step is to add in Writing.  Their journals are decorated and ready to go...maybe today.  Word Work will start next week as part of their morning work.

Are you implementing Daily 5?  How is it going?  Where are you in the process?


  1. I love doing the Daily 5 with my kiddos! I don't know about your schedule, but ours is pretty rigid (with 120 third graders switching for literacy lab for one hour a day and math lab for 30 mins., based on ability-levels). This definitely affects our stamina-building time! We started on the second day of school, but our building is only implementing Read to Self, Read to Someone, Where to Sit, and Work on Writing. I'm interested to hear what you do for Word Work, since our school doesn't implement that specific piece from the Daily 5 (we do various activities for fluency, comprehension, spelling, and some word work during literacy lab).

  2. I'm doing Daily 5... kind of :) My kids are at 20 minutes of Read to Self stamina and 18 of Read to Someone stamina, and we're just now adding in the others. I'm not quite set up for Listen to Reading yet, unfortunately, but I'm getting there! :) So far, I am loving how much authentic reading time my kids are getting, and I feel like the CRAFT menu I'm using is a great way to keep thinking about and seeing the strategies we learn.

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  3. This will be my first year doing Word Work with Daily 5. I did the Daily 3/4 last year. I always had them do their spelling for homework. This year our district is starting Words Their Way and the program uses a lot of sorting and working with word families, prefixes, suffixes, root words, etc. This will be part of Daily 5 but I am going to have everyone do it as morning work.

    My Listen to reading is some Shel Silverstein books that I got from iTunes and made into CD's. I also bought a few chapter books. I do have an old iPod with a dual jack so two people can use it. I need to add to my collection this year.

    My goal is to have three twenty minute rounds of Daily 5. Two reading and one writing. The best part of Daily 5 and CAFE is we can adapt it to fir our needs.

  4. I love seeing how my students decide what is a "comfortable" way to sit and read in the classroom. Your students seem just as entertaining as mine. They find the most snug or (to me) uncomfy places in our room to pick out.

    My students LOVE Work on Writing. More so than last year, I don't have very many of them saying they don't know what to write or they are finished before our goal is over. They love sharing what they have written as well!

  5. Yay for this post! This year for sure I'm doing the Daily 5! Luck you that your kids are coming with experience.

    We just started this week and so far they loved it! Next week we will be working on the Work on Writing portion. Wish me luck!

  6. We use Words Their Way in my district. It is a lot of work establishing the strong routine but once the kids get into it becomes second nature. I prefer that over any of the other ways we had been using in the past. I do not do Daily 5 but I do use Reading Workshop which has part of a Daily 5 of Read to Self. I may try and use Writing piece because we need as much practice as possible. What are you doing for writing during the Daily 5?