Monday, September 17, 2012

Using Capitals

I finally remembered today to take pictures of all the things that I have been doing in my classroom lately and I left my camera at school!  Ughhh!

I need to teach a lesson tomorrow on using Capital Letters in our writing.  I will start the lesson by reading the book below.  I love Grammar Tales and so do my kids!!!!!  Scholastic has them in a set.
 I found a great printable on Pinterest.  It is a free download on Teacher's Notebook.

I was inspired to create mint candies with letters to make an anchor chart.  I will cut them out and place on top of columns in a row.  Then we will write words with capitals under each heading.  Here is my printable below:

MINTS printable


  1. Another fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing. I love your blog.

    On another note, I am looking for some help finding a blog post that I saw somewhere in blog land. I am pretty sure that you have posted some items that you made from Dollar Tree finds. This one was using foam counting blocks to make a math game. I just thought I might ask you if you saw something like this. I've got my foam blocks, but I cannot remember a darn thing about the game.


  2. Sorry wan't me. Try googling it. I did that and came up with an adding game with foam die.