Sunday, August 10, 2014

For any "Wonder" Fans

Did you know that R.J. Palaccio wrote another part to "Wonder" called  "The Julian Chapter"?  It is only available as a download.  

I read "Wonder" as a read aloud,  to my fourth graders last year and they were so upset that Julian's side was not in the book.  I was very excited when I discovered that the author wrote and released the new part in May. (I discovered this after school was out)  

I taught summer school and their summer reading book was "Wonder."  When I was searching for materials I found the new story.  I bought the download and read it to two summer school classes.  Wow…no disappointment.   I don't want to give away any of the book away…I loved it!!!!!


  1. I'm reading Wonder now and they are on the edge of their seats! I love that Julian is next! Thank you!

  2. I read Julian's chapter earlier this summer. It was so powerful to read his side of the story, especially when my heart was (and always will be!!) with Auggie. Hoping she comes out with more stories soon!

  3. My students read Wonder last year and at the end of the year we listened to the Julian Chapter. They loved it just as much as Wonder! I loved it too!