Monday, August 11, 2014

Mathematical Mondays: Building Mathematical Comprehension

A few weeks ago, The Teacher Grade Studio posted a book study that she was hosting.  I have not read a professional text in a long time and ordered my copy of "Building Mathematical Comprehension" from Amazon.  It is written by Laney Simmons, the author of "Guided Math", which I loved and knew that I would not be disappointed.
 Please visit, The Teacher Studio to read her post about the first three chapters.  She has some freebies that she has made to go with that section.
If you are a reading teacher and are familiar with Keene and Zimmerman's "Mosaic of Thought," you will love this book.  Laney uses the seven basic strategies in reading, to build math comprehension.  
  • Making Connections
  • Asking Questions
  • Visualizing
  • Making Inferences
  • Determining Importance
  • Synthesizing
  • Monitoring Meaning

I have had many "AHA" moments while reading this book and still have a few more chapters to go.  When I read "Mosaic of Thought" it changed my thoughts about my reading lessons and this book has done the same for math.  I am very excited to incorporate these strategies during my math instruction.  Please check back on Mondays to see what I am doing in my classroom.

This week I am converting my "Making Connections" board to my "Making Math Connections." I made signs to switch out on this foam board.  (the board is at school, so no new pictures yet)  Here is the link to my original post…Making Connections.
  • Math to Self- children notice connections between math and their own lives. 
  • Math to Math- children notice links between past and present math studies
  • Math to World- children make connections to current events, real world and other content areas
Link here for Freebie

I am also going to link up with Fourth Grade Frolics for Monday Made It.
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