Saturday, August 16, 2014

Scientific Saturdays: S is for Scientist

Finding literature to fit a specific grade level and topic can be a challenge!!!  I have ordered many books and after I receive them, I discover that they are way too easy or way too hard for my students.  I love using Amazon so that I can preview a few pages before I order.  I look at their age suggestions as a guideline but I like to make my own decisions.

Starting a new grade level for me, also means building up my anchor texts for math and science.  After teaching third and fourth grade, I am lucky to know what books most teachers are using in their classrooms.  I hate hearing a chorus of "We read that last year!!!"  I know that the kids are doing something different with the book than a previous grade, but I still like them to hear new stories.
One book that I purchased for my first science unit is "S is for Scientist."   This book has endless possibilities!!!   I will use this book for many lessons throughout the year.   The first week of school, we will be setting up our science notebooks.  I am going to focus on "Things that Scientists Do."  I will have kids collect verbs in their science notebooks while I read the book.  It will be a great way to show that scientists have many roles and skills.  I have included a freebie below.
I also found a free teacher's guide from while looking for ideas to go with the book.  It has 27 pages with many ready to go sheets and lessons to fit your science needs!!! 

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