Monday, August 18, 2014

Mathematical Mondays: Math Talk

To help children build their mathematical comprehension, we need to give them more opportunities to talk about math.  My school system will be adopting "Go Math" this year, and they have built math talk right into their lessons.  It is something that most teachers do naturally, but I think it is an area that we can become more conscious of, and try new ways to include it in our lessons.

There is a great article called "Math Talk 101" on Scholastic.  It shares ways to get started with math talk and how to become more conscious.  There are free printables for your room.  The one below is available as a poster or bookmarks for students.

I found another website, "The Cornerstone" with more suggestions to get kids talking about their math. One idea I would love to try is some videotaping of my students explaining strategies.

You could create an anchor chart to hang in your classroom.  There are many great examples on Pinterest.

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