Saturday, May 5, 2012

Currently in May

I finally broke down and got a Mac Book Pro this week...I am in love!!!!
Why did I wait so long?

I joined the Linky Party at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.


  1. I feel the same way about trying to chose what to review. We have 2 weeks left, but there's SO much my kids need help with! LOVE the new mac book!

  2. Hi Kelly, I came across your blog from Farley's linky party. CHeck out my linky party, Make a Difference Mondays. I think you would be the perfect addition!!!

  3. Maria, I just checked out your blog and LOVE your idea for your link party. I have an empathy lesson in mind. We have testing next week but I will get it in. I also have seen your books on many blogs and all over Pinterest. They are on my list to get before the start of the school year. Your topics are so important to teach all year! I signed up for your emails...Thanks!