Friday, May 18, 2012

My Summer Bucket List

Being teachers we all shut down for the first month of vacation and panic the second month because nothing has been done.  I decided to put my summer goals in writing to see if my Bucket List will all get accomplished before September!  

I had to join the Linky Party hosted by Hadar from Miss Kindergarten, Teri from A Cupcake for the Teacher, and April from  A Modern Teacher with my summer bucket list!

1.  Perform in a Musical...I love them and got both of my daughters into doing them.  I have been involved with backstage stuff and just auditioned for the first time to be in "9 to 5."

2.  Organize all my files...paper and digital!  I try to keep up with it, but it can be a losing battle at times!
3.  Create a bigger and better Rock and Roll Theme!  I have some great clip art and want to make my room decor more cohesive. (Book Bins, Word wall, etc)

4.  Spend some time on Pinterest and create some projects for home and school.

5.  Take a Road Trip to Washington DC and NYC Road Trip.  I embarrassed to say I have never been and need to go! (I have to teach about them too)

6.  READ!!!! Making my piles already.  Does anyone else like to make piles around the house?

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  1. Great list Kelly! I have never been to either city either--I can't wait to hear about your trips!