Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Healthy Snack Club

I am not a health food freak but I have been a Weight Watcher for over five years.  I am all about making better choices and watching serving sizes.  I was tired of watching kids eating a bag of chips, a large honey bun and wash it down with a juice box...before 10:30 am!
I started Healthy Snack Club about three years ago.  It was an incentive to make the children aware of their snacks. (If they choose to participate.)  We start the year by brainstorming healthy snacks vs unhealthy snacks.  I have charted out the lists from A-Z and I even had one student looking for snacks that fit unusual letters.  There are things that I allow (some people will disagree) like granola bars, hundred calorie snack packs, fat free puddings, etc. but they are still better choices than what they were eating!
I send home a letter to parents, on day 1, explaining our healthy snack club.  Before snack, we quickly count up our healthy snacks and award 2 points for fresh fruits and veggies(another lesson) and 1 point for other healthy snacks.  We determine a class goal and when we reach the goal we receive 10 minutes of extra recess. (exercise)  We have been banking our recess minutes since the winter and have 50 minutes accumulated. I want to use it in the nice weather! I usually increase the goal each time we hit it.  I count the snacks at the beginning of the year and then it becomes a class job for the week.

Happy Healthy Snacking!
I bought an apple corer/slicer to leave in my classroom and it has been a big hit all year.  I keep a shaker with cinnamon and sugar too.  (Don't judge me....they love it and eat their apples)  I also keep an orange peeler...I hate orange peel in my fingernails.

Here is a sample of healthy snacks from today.



  1. That's a great idea! I hate seeing kids eating crap food too.

  2. Hey, how come no one offered me a healthy snack when I visited your class last week? An unhealthy one would have been okay too! Authors get very hungry in the afternoons! Xxoo

  3. Lenore, We were starstruck!!!! We never had a famous person in our classroom. The next time you come to our school we will offer snacks. LOL. We LOVED your presentation and hope to have you come back for all third and fourth graders next year.