Saturday, May 12, 2012

Destination D.C.

Our school system is doing a lot of curriculum work and we are moving towards integrated units( ELA, writing, science and social studies).  I am currently part of the Social Studies curriculum team and lucky for me, not much is changing for our big units.  But...we still have a lot of work to do!!!!

Fourth Grade:
  • Immigration Now and Then
  • Regions of the US
  • Our Neighbors to the North and South(Canada and Mexico)
  • Destination DC

Being new to the grade level I have no resources for Washington DC and I have found it challenging to find materials that are grade level appropriate.  

We need to cover 12 national monuments and the importance of them to our country.   I designed my first lap book.  This is my sample and probably will be tweaked.

Children can draw or use computer images

Children will add a fact under each title
Pictures could lift up with facts under each photo

Map on back of DC (sorry...need ink!)

The envelope can hold a letter, postcard, research, new monument, etc.

I did put in an order to Amazon for some books.   Many of the books seemed very young or for kids who are actually visiting...journals, sticker books ,etc.

Here is a tube videos I found today:

Click on titles on the next two, to get them to work!

Washington DC: An Inspiring Tour DVD

Please post any ideas you have on Washington D.C. or anything that could be adapted for this unit!


  1. This looks excellent Kelly, I love what you have made!!

  2. Lapbooks are so fun! I wish I taught American History!

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  3. Thanks...I had a lot fun making it!

  4. My class is going to DC on Wednesday for our annual trip. We only get to visit the Smithsonian. I wish were able to do more!

    Third Grade in the First State

  5. Great job! How about using Google Earth to bring the map to life. Or even "street view" on Google Maps. With some practice, you could take them down the streets to get a sense of distance and views.

  6. I was surfing the net and saw your blog. Here is an idea. Many visitors to DC use the Metro (subway system). You could find a map of the Metro system and have your student find an area of DC they want to visit and then plot their course to get from one location to another location using their maps.

    Nicole in MD