Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Connection between School and Nature

This was a piece of writing that one of my fourth graders wrote in her journal in the fall.  It is one of my favorite all time pieces!

I retyped below if you can't read it

I was perusing journals one afternoon and came across this treasure.  I asked my student where she got the idea and Emily said that she was inspired by the paper.  She came up with a great analogy about school, bees, students, teachers and principals.
It just proves that great writing can happen during "free writing time."

"I have always loved school and homework.  But now I am in 4th grade, I realize the connection between nature and school.

To me, the teachers are bees.  They help students blossom into wonderful learners.  They sometimes sting you but will never perpously hurt you.
I think the principal is the queen bee.  The principal is here to guide students and teachers to help all of them blossom.  She can also sting you but it will always have a reason.

I think we students as flowers.  The teachers help us blossom.  If we get pushed down we wilt, but the bees will bring us back up.  I think students and teachers have a special connection to nature."

Emily , age 9

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