Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Surprise Author Visit- Lenore Look

The Marlborough Public Library scheduled the popular children's author Lenore Look, of the Alvin Ho and Ruby Lu series, to give a presentation on Monday night.  They also had her present to the third grade classrooms at my school.  I teach Fourth grade and was bummed out when I found out she was coming and we would not see here.

Ms. Look was set up in the school library for the day.  My class happened to have library at 12:00, during Lenore's lunch break.  She started chatted with my friends and next thing she starts tweeting with them about her visit to Jaworek School.  I came to pick them up at 12:30 and got to meet her.  This is where the story gets exciting....."Mrs. Hall, what are you doing at 2:15?  I could not possibly leave this school without giving my presentation to such an enthusiastic group of kids."  Before I could respond, my kids all said "SNACK...please come down to Room 210."  (so much for reading about the culture of Canada)

Lenore offered to do an extra presentation...WOW!

Lenore came to my classroom and gave the most inspiring talk.  She shared her kindergarten report card and how she was "not fully developed" in most areas that would apply to being an author.  Lenore spoke Chinese at home and had to learn English and adjust to the school culture.  She showed her manuscripts and rewrites and how much work it takes.  It was nice to hear her honesty with children and how hard work pays off.

Lenore had my children bring their writer's notebook to the rug and had them take notes on "How to Keep a Writer's Notebook."  This adorable author showed her many notebooks and ways that she uses them.  Here are some of my students' notes.

 At the end of our time, Lenore quickly showed them how to use Shakespearean Cursing.  Something that happens in the Alvin Ho books.  We compiled a list of adjectives using animals/body parts, compound adjectives and nouns.  Lenore had a "Cheat Sheet" from Shakespeare but had the kids add their own.  The way to use it are written below in a student notebook.  An example would be...Mrs. Hall, thou art a sheepish fat-kidneyed hedge pig.  My kids loved it...what a great way to use some new vocabulary.  You could even do the opposite and use compliments. (Lenore got the idea from her daughter's third grade teacher)

 Our school day ended and so did our fun.  Lenore Look signed my books and posed for a class picture.

Thank-you Lenore Look and you have become our favorite author!!!

From Lenore Look's Twitter


  1. Hi! I'm a Youth Services Librarian at the Hunterdon County Library in Flemington, NJ. I've been very interested for quite some time now in requesting an author visit from Lenore Look but have never been able to locate any contact information. Would it be possible for you to share how your local library came about this visit, or could you put me in contact with someone who might know?
    Please feel free to share my work phone with anyone who might be able to advise.

    Thanks so much for your time!
    Tanvi Rastogi
    Youth Services Librarian
    Hunterdon County Library
    Flemington, NJ

  2. Hi Tanvi,

    Please contact the Marlborough Public Library. http://www.marlborough-ma.gov/Gen/MarlboroughMA_PubLibrary/index. If you do not have any luck I can find more information when I get back to school.

    Lenore was one of the best authors I have seen. She was very meaningful to the kids and a "real" person. Our reading specialist is trying to get her to visit our third and fourth graders next year.

    If you tweet (I don't) here is her account: http://twitter.com/lenorelook

    Good Luck!