Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School Activity- Hopes and Dreams

Looking for a Back to School Activity?  Create a Classroom Time Capsule to open in June.

I use Responsive Classroom and one of their Back to School Activities is to have the students create their "Hopes and Dreams" for the school year.  Here is the can that I made last September and the kids' sheets(second photo) before we read them during the last week of school to see if they achieved their dreams during the school year.  Any sheet could be used for your classroom level and needs.

The sheet that I used is from Dots-n-Spots which you can find on her blog. (Under Back to School- Have you ever had a Time Capsule) She also had a follow up sheet for the end of the year that my children did and could compare how they changed and grew. (Under End of the Year- End of Year Reflection)

I am breaking a posting rule...I did post this last year in September but I wanted to share it again after finding these pictures from June.  Click to see other post  Hopes and Dreams Time Capsule


  1. I love it Kelly! I use this from responsive classroom too, but I never thought to do it as a time capsule! I will have to give this a try!

    One Teacher's Take

  2. Thanks for the wonderful extension idea on RC's Hopes and Dreams theme.
    I too am a huge believer in RC's real-classroom supports for teacher and students!

    Gifted Ed., teacher