Sunday, August 5, 2012

CAFE- Chapters 6 and 7

Ch. 6- Whole Class Instruction

Lesson Elements:
1.  Identify what is to be taught
2.  Teach the strategy and keep it short
3.  Students practice with partners
4.  Have student make strategy card 
5.  Review the strategy
6.  Encourage practice during independent reading times
7.  Post strategy after independent practice
8.  Continue to connect new strategies to others on CAFE board

Teach skills in any sequence
Keep lessons short
Review and revisit frequently
Continue to work on skills for mastery

Ch. 7- Strategy Groups

The structure and format is very similar to individual conferences
Children are grouped on Goals and Strategies not reading levels
Children bring their independent reading books which allows for a flexible group

This is the area that I plan to focus on during the school year!
The appendix has great resources for teaching skills and strategies

**If you haven't started The Daily Five and CAFE you should.  I loved it! Now I am off to reread "The Book Whisperer"

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