Monday, August 20, 2012

Teacher Week: Monday Must-Haves

Must-haves Monday

1.  The personal laminator...I have one at home and school!  I take many trips to BJ's for pouches.
2.  A new box of Mr. Sketch Markers and a pack of colored flairs.  There is nothing like a marker with a brand new tip!
3.  A great collection of resources that have changed my teaching forever.
  • Daily 5 and CAFE
  • Book Whisperer
  • Mosaic of Thought and Strategies That Work
  • Guided Math
  • Pinterest
  • TPT and Teacher's Notebook

4.  My school bag from 31.  I love how it keeps me super organized and holds files!  I bought another one to keep in my car with things for traveling.

5.  I love my classroom library and how much my students enjoy reading! My #1 goal is to create a class of voracious readers.  

6.  Things that are cute make me super happy!

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  1. I posted to this linky party, too. Flair pens were also on my list. They are my favorite!

  2. LOVE The Book Whisperer! It was my one "school" book that I brought to read on the cruise I went on, and I found myself wishing I had access to a copy machine so I could copy some of those surveys she has in the back.

  3. I agree with every resource on your reading list!
    In fact, this whole list could be my own...

    Happy New School Year, Kelly!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade