Monday, August 6, 2012


I bought several writing units from Rundee's Room last year, which I highly recommend!

Rundee's Room has a great poster that uses an acronym to helps the kids with editing their work called "CUPS."  It stands for capitals, usage and grammar, punctuation and spelling.  I taught my children to write the acronym on their class writing assignments and on their MCAS long composition.  As I introduce each skill they will use that color highlighter.

Writing A Personal Memoir - A Writing Workshop UnitWriting A Fictional Narrative - A Writing Workshop Unit

Writing a Persuasive Essay - A Writing Workshop UnitWriting an Informational Report - A Writing Workshop Unit
I made a set of "CUPS" to introduce the acronym this year.  Each letter has a different color high lighter.  The cups are from the Dollar Tree and the letters are vinyl stickers from Target.  I hope this will help my friends!

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  1. Love it Kelly! I think I will have to add this to my writing station!

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