Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daily 5- Chapter 2

Chapter Two explains the principles behind Daily Five.  Last year was my first year implementing Daily 5 and my class became a community of readers!

The Foundations of Daily Five
  • TRUST- Model lessons and practice build behaviors so kids can be trusted to manage their own time.  
  • CHOICE- Post daily schedule and go over in the morning.  It keeps everyone on task.  The children are more invested.  Purpose + Choice= Motivation.
  • COMMUNITY- Provides members a sense of ownership and accountability for behavior of effort, learning, order and kindness.
  • URGENCY- Teach purpose for each part of Daily Five.  Explain the whys.  Teach children that reading is important.
  • STAMINA-  Teach children how to work independently each day and increase that time.
  • STAY OUT OF THE WAY- Once children have understand expectations, practiced strategies, and built stamina...Let them read!

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