Saturday, July 7, 2012

Daily 5- Chapter 3

Ch. 3- What's the Difference?
Key Materials, Concepts and Routines

  • Establish a gathering place
    • Have a large area with Chart Paper and Teaching materials

  • Picking Good-Fit Books
    • Model "I PICK" lesson.  Use bookmarks, posters, etc.
    • Shoe or Glove Lesson
  • Setting Up Book Boxes
    • Organize classroom library- Popular Authors, Levels, Genres
    • Give Reading Inventory- use to help match interests and levels
    • Have Book Boxes on desks
    • Update Reading Levels(DRA's)

  • Anchor Charts
    • Create Classroom Charts and Display- "I" charts for each component of D5 and review
    • CAFE board- add reading skills and strategies
    • Anchor Chart Binder (pictures of charts that I take down)

  • Short Intervals of Repeated Practice
    • Practice for short intervals and build time, fourth graders can build their stamina quickly. 
  • Signals and Chimes
    • Use a signal for silence- chime
    • You can use a signal to gather- wind chime
  • Check-In
    • Use a signal for self-reflection- Thumbs Up or Sideways
  • Correct Model/Incorrect Model
    • Model proper way and improper ways
    • Emphasize positive behaviors

The beginning of the year is about establishing routines, defining expectations, practicing behaviors, and building stamina.  Move slowly and the payoff will be enormous!

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