Saturday, July 21, 2012

End of the Year Persuasive Essay

I had my class write a persuasive essay about "The Reasons Why I Deserve to Go to Fifth Grade" at the end of the year.   I purchased a unit from Lesson Plan SOS Teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It has the prewriting and publishing sheets. (I love their stuff and have used many in my fourth grade classroom!) They suggested dressing up like a judge and having the kids present their essay/case/arguments about why they should move on in a court room setting.  I used a graduation gown and a mini gavel to be the judge and my kids loved it!

I created a sign using white foam board.  I cut it with heavy scissors and outlined the edges with black electrical tape.  I enlarged the words on the printer.  

The bubble could also say "My first day of ____grade"and be used for "Beginning of the Year" photos.


 I want to have a stamp or sticker made for next year to put on their papers and make it look more official.


  1. I love this! I love the speech bubble idea. I can even see moms doing this with their kids on the first day of school every year at home! I'm definitely adding this to my end of the year activities. Thanks for sharing! :)


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  3. Help! I cannot find this resource on TPT and I would LOVE to do this activity with my sixth graders.

    1. I tried to find it and the shop looks empty. I don't know where it went. Sorry.

  4. You can find it under Inspire Me ASAP. I had clicked on the link above and then saw a link taking you to the Inspire Me ASAP page. :)

  5. love it. Nice Idea. Cheers and have a happy end of the year.