Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daily 5- Chapter 4

Ch. 4- Read to Self

Create Anchor Chart 
  • 3 Ways to read a Book: Pictures, Words and Retell
  • Read to Self I Chart- Fill in with Kids in Lesson 1
There are many posters and charts available on the web.  Here are a few samples:

*These are Guidelines.  My class last year did not need a lot of time practicing stamina.

Day 1:  
  • Model reading a book with just pictures and then with words
  • Brainstorm I-Chart
  • Model and Practice Read to Self
  • Begin Building Stamina 
  • Check-In
Day 2:  
  • Model Retelling a story, go over page by page with details
  • Review I-Chart
  • Model and practice behaviors
  • Continue building stamina
  • Check-In
Day 3 and Beyond:
  • Review charts
  • Model Behaviors
  • Add time
  • Practice and add more time
  • Continue building stamina
  • Continue modeling picking IPICK books


  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing Daily 5 ideas! You're blog is super-cute! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award: Check it out :) http://readandblacklearning.blogspot.com/

  2. Hey there! I'm giving you the versatile blogger award! Head on over to my website to check it out!

    I love all of the Posters you linked! Those are so helpful!


  3. Kelly,
    I am so glad I found someone in the same grade tat is don e daily 5. I want to implement ths in my classroom this fall, along with the cafe. My question to you is: how long dothe kids need to read on read to self to consider that part mastered. Do you start at 3 minutes le it says in the book? Or since they're older, longer? I'm kind of confused on this point. Hope I don't sound lie a dweeb!

  4. Thanks for the awards!

    @Paula, I started with a lot more time than the three minutes. I did about 10 minutes in the beginning. I had a very good class year and they embraced the routine quickly. I started Daily 5 with my summer camp group this week...they are going into fifth grade and they did 30 minutes of independent reading on the first day.

  5. Thanks, Kelly for the insight.