Saturday, July 14, 2012

Daily 5- Chapter 5

Ch. 5- Read to Someone and Listen to Reading

Create Anchor Chart 
  • Read to Someone I Chart- Fill in with Kids 
  • Listen to Reading I Chart- Fill in with Kids
There are many posters and charts available on the web.  Here are a few samples:

Day 1- Read to Someone
Create I Chart
Introduce EEKK, sit elbow, elbow, knee, knee
Practice and Check in

Day 2 and On- Here are mini-lessons as needed:
I Read, You Read
Each read own book
Choral read
Partner Poems
Where to sit
How to Choose Partners
How to Coach a Friend

Day 1- Listen to Reading
Create I Chart
Model and Practice how to use materials (CD's, iPod)

Day 2 and On
Go over putting aways materials
Keeping track of where you left off

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