Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daily 5- Chapter 7

Chapter 7- Putting It All Together/Trouble Shooting

Use a Chart or Grid to check-in before every round. There are many types available.  
I had a chart with all names typed in and I did three rounds.  Next year I will try to get to four!!!

It can be adapted to a long literacy block or a choppy schedule.  

Once the routine is established it allows teacher to do DRA's, reading inventories, conferences, oral reading check-ins, etc.

Practice Sessions
Can be longer than 3 depends on class and grade level.

Set Up Room
gathering place
organized library- levels, authors, themes, genres, etc.
small and large work areas for privacy and groups
readings nooks and quiet places

Confer with Students
While children are reading, teacher should move around to children.  Calling up to one table is distracting and takes more time.  I use an app called Confer on my iPad.

We had a monthly Daily 5 support group last year.  It was great to share ideas and troubleshoot problems.  

My best advice is to jump into and not to be afraid! 
There is no right or wrong way...the end results will be worth.  Children reading!  I am looking forward to my second year.


  1. It's great that you've shared your thoughts with us all during this book study. I'm thinking about implementing D5 this school year with my fourth graders, so it's been great to get another 4th grade teacher's thoughts on it.
    One question I had that maybe you could answer for me - in ch 7 the sisters explain what to do if you have an odd number for read to someone and it makes sense, but I have an odd number of students next year, so when we're modelling and practicing it, those strategies won't work. Any suggestions? Should I volunteer as a partner until I set them free to choose the order of the activities?

  2. I never had a problem with even and odd numbers. I let the children choose what they want to work on and not everyone picks read to someone at the same time. The only time is when you are introducing it. I would either read with the odd person to practice and make a group of three.

    You have to remember that some are reading to self, listening to reading, working on writing.

    Please feel free to ask any questions as they occur I have one year under my belt and I am using it with my summer school friends right now and it feels more natural for me now.

  3. Thanks for all of your suggestions to use with the Daily 5. I can't wait to begin this in the Fall and have appreciated all the awesome posts about this.